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The Big Book of Amaro


An illustrated history, exploration, and celebration of the Italian liqueur everyone loves.This gorgeous guide teaches you everything you need to know about amaro, the delightfully complex and bittersweet Italian liqueur. Traditionally a digestif, it’s also a popular ingredient in modern cocktails.

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The Lehman Trilogy


Magnificent in scope, internationally lauded, and transcendent, the novel in verse that inspired the sensational West End and Off-Broadway play of the same name. The Lehman Trilogy follows the epic rise and fall of three generations of that infamous family and through them tells the story of American ambition and hubris.

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Claretta: Mussolini’s Last Lover


A master historian illuminates the tumultuous relationship of Il Duce and his young lover Claretta, whose extraordinarily intimate diaries only recently have become available.

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Carpaccio in Venice: A Guide


Tour the city of Venice through the panoramic paintings of one of its most celebrated chroniclers.

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