Antonio Bevacqua: The Musical Roots of Calabria

When: July 14, 2022 — 6:30 p.m. EST

Where: I AM Books, 124 Salem Street, Boston MA 02113 (Purchase Tickets Here)

Growing up in Cosenza, Calabria, Antonio Bevacqua was inspired as a child listening to popular music. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Calabria in Modern Literature with honors and a thesis on the music and the Calabrian folk instruments. He later worked for several years with the Centre for demo-anthropological documentation of the University of Calabria directed by Professor Ottavio Cavalcanti, with whom he participated with as a researcher to the realization of several documentaries including: Gypsies in Provence (The Saintes Maries de la Mer, France) and I serpari of Cocullo. He also worked to archive cataloging Otello Profazio. In 1996, after ten years of research, he published “The drums of Casali, Sila players and builders Grande,” a volume that contains the results of research carried out in Sila (Calabria) on the tradition of “tummarini,” traditional players of snare drum and bass drum. In 2004, he founded the Neilos association, and held the status of president. He was in charge of research and disseminate popular traditions of Southern Italy. In the same year, the association gave birth to a musical group of the same name. Neilos made numerous tours in Italy and abroad (USA, France, Germany etc.). In 2006, he published with Imbalances the CD “Transhumance” in which he composed the music and many of the texts.
In recent years he has dedicated himself to the study of different instruments and sounds that still fit in his performances, including the  Italian bagpipe (Zampogna) , the lute, the bouzouki, the heavy guitar, and the accordion.