IDEA Boston 2019

After a tremendous launch event in 2018, IDEA Boston returns to Cambridge, Mass., for two days packed with Italian and Italian American culture. To stay up to date with all the latest news and happenings for the festival, make sure to sign up for the newsletter. IDEA Boston is an annual Italian-inspired festival, celebrating literature, […]

Carmela Cattuti – The Ascent

The sequel to Carmela Cattuti’s first novel, Between the Cracks, this story invites the reader to accompany Angela Lanza as she builds her life in America during the first half of the 20th century. A Sicilian immigrant, Angela manages to assimilate into the social life of a small town outside of New York City. Through […]

Mike Fiorito – Call Me Guido

Mike Fiorito’s Call Me Guido, is a poignant, sometimes painful, often hilarious collection of stories about growing up Italian in Queens, New York. It’s filled with rich dialogue and recollections of family interactions that carry us below the surface, and surprises we can’t help but love, like his tale “Because of You”, about his odd […]

Sean Stellato – Football Magic

This was supposed to be the last time Buddy would have to move for a while. At least, that’s what his dad had promised when they first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, a town still deeply rooting in its bewitching history. Buddy doesn’t ask for much: become the starting QB, make friends, always try my hardest, […]

Joseph Sciorra: Built with Faith

Over the course of 130 years, Italian American Catholics in New York City have developed a varied repertoire of devotional art and architecture to create community-based sacred spaces in their homes and neighborhoods. These spaces exist outside of but in relationship to the consecrated halls of local parishes and are sites of worship in conventionally […]

Sicily: A Heart’s Journey – Mary Tolaro Noyes

Mary Tolaro Noyes shares the dream of finding her Sicilian family—from its origin as a child surrounded by the love of her Sicilian-American family, to its realization on a June day in 1989—and of establishing a lasting connection between them. As a result, the book also chronicles 30-years of Sicilian adventures (and misadventures) as the […]